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bla​hgua is a ​​self-sustaining content platform that respects user privacy and does not require constant tending to achieve relevant results​.

Dynamic distribution:  Automatic content distribution based on reputation and relevance.  There are no friends, followers or direct exchanges.

Feedback loop:  Performance and reputation data are available for all content and users.

Personalized:  Content streams ​are populated based on signals from viewers, not personal information.  This allows users to passively watch or actively engage.

Verified but not Identified™:  Our patent-pending badging service bridges the gap between identified and anonymous, enabling users to verify facts about themselves.  

Privacy:  Users control how much the system knows about them, with no personal information or email address required for use.

*Optimized for Chrome (Win/Mac), IE10, Safari and iPhone (pin to desktop)​.  

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