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​​​​​​​Dave VRONAY, Co-founder & CEO

Dave Vronay has been working with computers since his Dad got him a Bell Labs CARDIAC in 1974 (he still ​​​​​​has it). Since then he has worked in a variety of companies big and small. He worked on the seminal SK8 project and interactive QuickTime in the Apple Human Interface Group, co-founded the children’s software company ImaginEngine, and worked over a decade at Microsoft in the Social Computing Research group, Healthcare, Windows, and Big Data. He also spent many years in China, founding Microsoft’s Asia Center for Interaction Design as well as the shared design studio at the Advanced Technology Center. ​

Ruben KLEIMAN, Co-founder & Advising CTO​

​Ruben enjoys trailblazing and has created or contributed on systems in variegated areas, including the first Computer-Aided-Design systems (ComputerVision), NASA's Deep Space Network Vehicle Tracking (JPL), a Space Shuttle Automated Planning System (NASA/Kennedy Space Center), the multimedia authoring system SK8 with spinoffs including Applescript and Macintosh IPC (Apple), research in reasoning (MCC), the first Video-on-demand/Broadcasting Systems, 3D Game Development Simulation (SGI), and Movie Classification and Metadata systems and queue management applications (Netflix). He enjoys reading almost forgotten texts in dead Indo-European languages.